The International Convention of CW Operators will be held from August 23 to August 26, 2019 in Radiograd. This year a meeting of short wavers who participated in the rescue and recovery work after the 1988 Armenian earthquake will be held as part of the event.

The gathering will be held much like the two previous ones. You can seek out the subject of “International gathering of telegraph operators” on  See what was happening  for last  two years. Some of the same activities are going to be repeated this year. Others – in a slightly modified format,  but there will be something completely new.

As the program elements are developed, everything will be gradually published here and under the aforementioned topic on the website.

A  registration page will soon be created for the of participants. Yet it would be great if you can inform us about your planned participation now – through a website post, or  by email with the subject:  ‘U-QRQ participation’. Your questions will be answered by reply email.

Victor, W3RDX  – in 2017 and Lilia, EW7L – in 2018, managed the event. This year, we plan to distribute responsibilities among all of the participants.

Vlad, UA9FAR, will act as Coordinator for the gathering, as before, he can be contacted by email at, or

It turns out that the short waves,  telegraphy, the rescue work – fall upon the men, yet for some reason the most difficult and demanding duties of the festival befalls on the fragile female shoulders … Again.

Everyone should pitch it to help  a bit. Questions about the meeting can also be addressed to:

  • Konstantin RT3A
  • Alex, EW7A;
  • Valery, R2SA –  about the organization of refereeing;
  • Valery, UA3AO – responsible for the entire telegraphy event and QRQ;
  • Vlad, UA9FAR – for other questions;
  • Vasil, RA1ZZ – on expeditions and press issues;
  • Alex, RA3AKF – anything that is VHF;
  • Anatoly, RN3DMB – about carps in the pond :)));
  • Yuri, 3W8AA – about the ostriches (but this is still a major secret, so shhh …)

Generally – ask about anything and they will answer you.

Arrive several days or (even a week or two earlier) if you have time and desire to help with site preparation. There is always something to do. This is how Boris Gavrenko, N3SY (ex UB5SY, founder and first team leader U5ARTEK) arrives from New York to Radiograd before the start of the meeting.

In general, we are preparing for the meeting.

Be ready – they are waiting for you in Radiograd.